Short Story

Satan in Disguise There lived an old tiger in a forest. He could not hunt animals as he used to do when he was young. It was becoming difficult to get prey. The tiger thought, "I have lost my strength and speed of my youth. Unless I find some trick, I will starve to death". 

After long thoughts, the tiger struck upon a plan. He began to keep on saying "I am very old. I have turned into a vegetarian. I have become a sanyasi. I will not hunt animals" and so on. 

Soon these words spread in the jungle. Innocent animals came to pay respect to the tiger thinking that the tiger had turned into a saint. The tiger pounced on animals when they came to his cave. 

These words fell in the ears of a fox. The fox began to think, "Can a tiger become a saint?" He was eager to find the truth. 

Stealthily, the fox approached the tiger's cave. He minutely and carefully examined the foot prints of animals. He found all foot prints going towards the cave but not returning from …


HI GUYS!  For this post i will tell you guys my experienced at Gathapraya!              So, Gathapraya is an event by National Senior Highschool 3 with theme culture festival. It was held at Lapangan Bali on 30th September 2017. The gate was opened at 12 o'clock and closed at 7pm. But as a student of National Senior Highschool 3, we already on the location at 07.30.            we gathered first at Saparua's Field to opened the events. We gathered so we can walk as a parade to Lapangan Bali to promote the Gathapraya event. As for the parade there are fashion show that required 2 representative from each class. Each class have their own role to wear traditional clothing from an area that they chose from. As for my class we wore traditional clothing from South Sulawesi.            After the parade the representative of each class welcomed the guests from the government. Than with the opening speech from the Gurbernur the event of Gathapraya was officially begins!!         Gathapr…


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B A S I C  I N F O R M A T I O N COMMON NAME: Dugong SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dugong dugon TYPE: Mammals DIET: Herbivores GROUP NAME: Herd AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: 70 years SIZE: 8 to 10 ft WEIGHT: 510 to 1,100 lbs SIZE RELATIVE TO A 6-FT MAN:

ArtScience Museum, Singapore

     So, my friend, Amanda and I created a video that explain some information about ArtScience Museum, Singapore!
 You can check the video here


Puspa's Plan for Holiday

Today i'm going to ask one of my friends Puspa, her plans for the holiday on December.

Q: So what are you going to do next holiday?
Puspa: I'm going to a beach on December.

Q: Which beach?
Puspa: Maybe to Nusa Dua Beach at Bali Island.

Q:What will you do there?
Puspa: I want to explore the area around the hotel in Nusa Dua then maybe i will be going to Nusa Dua.

Q: What activities are you going to do at the beach?
Puspa: I'm going to ride banana boat, speed boat, parasailing, maybe diving or snorkeling. I also want to play in the sand.

Q: Who else that will be there with you?
Puspa: My family of course.

Q: Will you try the culinary around that area?
Puspa: Of course, i like to try new things.

Q: Oh wow, will you buy me gifts or ornaments from Bali? Maybe a keychain or magnet, maybe a shirt?
Puspa: Sure! Why not?

Me: Okay thank you for coming here and answering my question! I wish you have a nie holiday there!
Puspa: Oh yes! You're welcome and also thank you for l…

One Moment to be Grateful

        Today i want to tell a story when i was in elementary school. 

When i was in 3rd grade of elementary school, my friend and i went to our friend's house to play and do our group project. We went to his house together, and i ask my driver to drop us in front of his street but not infront of his house. After my driver dropped us, we walked through the street searching for his house, but we can't find the house.

       An hour later, we were really lost at an unknown street without any adults around. So, we start asking around to adults that were walking that day. There was a man that told us the direction to our friend house but we still don't know which way should we go. So, this man told us that we can ride his motorcycle with him to our friend's house. After that he guide us to the main street where our friend's house is. 

         At the middle of the road we met our friend that was riding a bike searching for us. We step down from the motorcycle and thank th…

First Time I Met My Friend

Introduction Dialogue            Today, i'm going to tell you about the first time i met my friend. Here's some dialogue of us.
Puspa: Hi there! Me: Hi! Puspa: Are you new here? Me: Yes i am. Puspa: Oh i see, Nice to meet you. by the way what's your name? Me: Nice to meet you too. I'm Safina but you can all me Inez. what's yours? Puspa: Please call me Puspa. Which city did you come from? Me; i'm from Semarang. Puspa: Why did you move here? Me: It's because of my father's job. Puspa: Ohh i see. Me: so Puspa, where do you live? Puspa: i live in Kota baru parahyangan, My house is quite far from this school. Me: by the way its's really nice i have someone to talk with. so, can you take me around? Puspa: Sure!